Here you'll find an appetizing list of online poetry magazines 

and a sampling of personal poetry websites  by individual poets around the net!

Online Poetry Magazines: 

Here are some online poetry magazines to explore, many with online submission opportunities for poets!

Blackbird - poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art

Boston Poetry Magazine - poetry by lots of amateur poets and classics as well

Clean Sheets - erotic poetry and literature

The Cynic Online - poetry and prose

Dark Lady Poetry - poetry only

Front Porch Journal - poetry & more

Library of Congress - poetry & literature events, interviews, resources

Poetry Magazine - the Poetry Foundation

Poetry - features, interviews, classic poetry and amateur poets

Poets & Writers Magazine - part of Poets &

Prune Juice - journal of Senryu, Kyoka and Haiga

The Rialto - poetry only (this is not the actual mag, but has some good resources)

Thrush - lots of poetry, published six times a year

Personal Poetry Websites:

Here is a list of websites kept by individual poets on the web. Let me know if you know of one not listed! 

Amber Decker - Rough Verse poetry blog

Caryl Ramsdale - collection of religious & inspirational poetry

Charles Cingolani - poetry from his books and link to his blog

Chuck Guilford - his site maybethesky features his poetry

Denise Rodgers - Funny Poems for free use, categorized

Derrick Anderson - Poems about friendship

Jan - J'sMagic poems with wonderful graphics

Katharine L Sparrow - author's page with links to poems

Lyssa Aja - sampling of her poetry

Marinela Reka's - poetry, written since the age of six!

Nicholas Gordon - his poetry for free site has poems categorized for free use

Ray Wills - The Gypsy Poet

Richard Thomas - poems for tweens and teens

Samantha Long - Soul Snapshot poetry blog

Susan Noyes Anderson's - poetry site

William Ames - poetry

W. Jude Aher - poetry and art

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