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Main course of Help Resources and Places to Publish Poetry for the Aspiring Poet!

Main Course

Help resources for the struggling poet. Here you will find sites that will help you with your poetry writing in so many ways! Click around and see what you can learn! 

RhymeZone.com - this site will help you find great rhyming words!

Spell Checker - paste your poem to check for spelling errors!

Adjectives that start with - find lists of adjectives that start with any letter!

Thesaurus.com - try this site for finding alternate words to use in your poems

How to Write a Sparrowlet poem (new poetry form)

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips - if you have a question about where to put a comma or if you should use "to" or  "too", the grammar girl will help you!

Plagiarism Checker - here is a place to copy and paste your work to see if someone else has posted it anywhere on the web

Ultimate Poetry Resource Guide - this page has all sorts of fun resources for poets!

How to Write in Iambic Pentameter - writing a sonnet? You'll need to know how to use iambic pentameter!

The Poet's Garret - explanation of lots of form poetry, including Celtic and Asian forms, with examples

How to Write a Triolet - instruction with examples

Write a Rhyming Poem - not so good at rhyming? Here are some tips to help you learn to write a good rhyming poem. 

About Haiku - don't be fooled by the myth!

ShadowPoetry - explains the various forms with examples and more! 

Here is a list of places online where you can post your poems to share with other poets for reading, comment, critique and support.  Most have free and paid memberships.




Poem and Poet

Poemas del Alma (espaƱol)

Poems and Quotes



Unquiet Desperation

Writer's Lounge.net

Writer's Network


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