Side Dishes for Getting Published as an Amateur Poet

With the advent of the internet, it's simpler than ever to become a published poet. It is quick and easy to find editors and publishers that publish poetry, and contests abound where the winning poems are published. If all else fails, or even if it doesn't, self-publishing is fast becoming the preferred way for many poets to achieve publication of their work. This page attempts to start the unpublished poet on his or her journey to publication. 

Things to Keep in Mind

1) When submitting a manuscript to a publisher or editor, be sure to follow instructions as to page formatting, margins, fonts, etc. It will be an immediate strike against you if you can't follow directions! 

2) Publishers often accept manuscripts only at certain times of the year. Don't bother sending during their "off" months as your work will be ignored.

3) When submitting to an online or print magazine, take the time to read previous poems that have appeared in the magazine. If they seem to favor long, epic poems and you write limericks, it's probably not a good magazine to submit to.

4) When entering an online poetry contest, be sure to read previous years' winners to get an idea of the kinds of poetry that has a good chance of winning. Follow submission rules to the letter so that you won't be disqualified.

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Getting Your Poetry Book Published

The old fashioned way of getting published is to submit a body of poetry to a publisher and cross your fingers for months while they look it over and then, more often than not, send you a polite "thanks but no thanks". Not to discourage aspiring professional poets here, but just to point out that this is the most difficult way to get published, although it can be lucrative and extremely gratifying if it works out for you! Below you'll be directed to publishers who publish collections of poetry. Remember, know who you are sending to! Do your research to be sure your poetry is a good fit with a particular publisher. Also, read through HERE to know what to look for and expect.

How to Sell Your Poetry - advice from Neile Graham

List of Small Poetry Presses

Alphabetical List of Poetry Publishers

Alphabetical List of Chapbook Publishers

Tips on Getting Published


Magazine Submissions

Familiarize yourself with the type of poetry each magazine publishes.

List of Literary Magazines (check to see that they accept poetry)

More Literary Mags (always check dates when submissions are accepted)

Journals, Mags and Reviews accepting online poetry submissions

Poetry Contests

Always check submission guidelines carefully!

Customizable List of Upcoming Poetry Contests at Poets &

Self-Publishing Your Poetry Book

Here are some publishers to check out where you can publish your own book!




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